Fun Things To Do In Milan

Traveling is about fun. You are discovering a new place and it’s all exciting. Milan is a city where you can have fun – not just in the nightclubs.

It’s the enjoyment of trying something you’ve never tried before. It’s time to enjoy this city through a different light.

Piazza Mercanti

Fun things to do in Milan: the highlights

If your time is limited, these are the activities you can’t miss:

  • Our bike tour to see the city from a different perspective
  • Play the broken telephone at Mercanti Square
  • Are you afraid of the tiny Stretta Bagnera?
  • Experience the Fuorisalone of the Milano Design Week
  • Face vertigo at the Branca Tower or at the Lombardy Palace
  • Experience the street food and beer of the Darsena
  • Stroll around the East Market
  • The Critical Mass, aka cyclists on the loose
  • Have you ever heard of aerogravity?
  • Check out the street art at Ortica and the Navigli
  • Discover Sempione Park on a rickshaw
  • Shopping time at CityLife


More info on our bike tour in Milan.

Stretta Bagnera – Photo by Andrea Cherchi

A boost of adrenaline: fun things to do in Milan

Traveling is about experimenting. It’s time to experience new activities, to bring home unforgettable memories and weird pictures.

  • Our bike tour takes you through the highlights of the city.
  • The Stretta Bagnera has a dark history, so walking through this tiny street isn’t fair to the faint of heart. In the 1800s murderer Antonio Boggia lived here and here, he found his victims. Do you have the courage to walk though the Bagnera?
  • Perhaps you are brave enough for the Stretta, but heights are another story. The Branca Tower is 100-meters high and you can go up, overcoming the breath-taking vertigo.
  • Mark your calendar: every Thursday evening from the Piazza Mercanti, you will experience one of the funniest things to do in Milan. It’s the Critical Mass, a wave of people that take over the city. There are only two rules: no engines and no walking.
  • The Aero Gravity is the “the largest vertical wind tunnel in the world and the only one in Italy.” You will actually fly in an 8-metre tall crystal cylinder.
  • Is there a better souvenir than a tattoo? Gianmaurizio Fercioni is the most long-lived tattoo artist in town. In his studio, he has also created a museum for all the lovers.
Torre Branca

Fun things to do in Milan for the foodies

Nothing screams of Italian vacation more than delicious food in an Instagrammable spot. Here are the top experiences for all the foodies out there.

  • At the Darsena, the old city’s harbor, you can enjoy the best street food next to a glass of beer, with the added bonus of a gorgeous view. At the butcher’s shop Popolare di Zen you will find hamburgers and the lampredotto, a sandwich with the stomach of the cow. If you prefer seafood, you can try the fried options at the Pescheria Il Kiosko.
  • There is nothing more Milan than the cotoletta, a veal breaded cutlet, although it looks like an elephant’s ear. The best restaurant to try is the Ratanà, nestled in a historic home.
  • Before dinner, you need an aperitif, in perfect Italian style. Time to head to the Navigli neighborhood to grab a cocktail at the Rita, the MAG, or the 1930 speakeasy.
  • For dinner, join a flashmob. Once a year, crowds dressed in total white and total black enjoy a secret dinner.
  • If you are looking for an alternative place for dinner or cocktails, you can head to these neighborhoods: Isola, Garibaldi, and Arco della Pace. Here, you’ll find the trendiest spots in town.

Fun things to do in Milan for the fashionistas

You are in the city of fashion. It’s time to turn the streets into your catwalk.

  • The Fuorisalone of the Milano Design Week includes events and special collections. During the Vogue Fashion Night, every store and boutique of the city is open and the streets become a party.
  • At the East Market, you can find it all. It’s a space dedicated to hobbyists and private vendors who sell their crafts.
  • The CityLife is a shopping district with modern skyscrapers and endless shopping opportunities.
  • Need more shopping? Every corner of the city is trendy and glamorous. Is your wallet ready?
Ortica street art – Photo by Andrea Cherchi

Having fun in Milan: the things even grandma will enjoy

If you are traveling with your family, it’s important to find activities that everyone can enjoy. With this list, the kids won’t be bored and grandma won’t complain.

  • Do you remember the game of the broken telephone? You form a line. The first says something and then whisper’s into the one nearby and so on, until the last one says the words out lout. It’s never the correct one, is it? You can play it in Mercanti Square thanks to the particular acoustics.
  • Is it the apse of San Satiro church really there?
  • If grandma drags you to the museum, drag her to the street art of the neighborhoods of Ortica and Navigli. You will find some of the most colorful graffiti of Milan.
  • At the Bar Bianco in Sempione Park, you can rent rickshaws to explore the grounds. The shop has three of them that fit six people. Time to race!
  • In summer, life in the city is outdoors. One of the fun things to do in Milan are live concerts. The most popular venues are Carroponte and the Magnolia, in the Idroscalo neighborhood.
  • After a day of shopping, one of the fun things to do is getting a drink at the Spirit de Milan, which also features a restaurant, and a quirky store. It’s a club, where grandma can show off her moves.

“I love Milan. It’s a city that gives me a great sense of euphoria. I feel a special energy there”, said Shawn Mendez. Feel the euphoria with these fun things to do in Milan.

More info on our bike tour in Milan.

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