What to do in Milan in 3 days

Do you need all this time to explore the city? Yes, here there are more things to see than the Dome. With 3 days in Milan, you will discover every aspect of it. From the rooftop aperitifs to the relaxing SPAs. Not to mention the art and history.

This modern city has something for every type of traveler. It’s time to uncover its secrets.

What to do in Milan in 3 days, the highlights

These are the sights and activities you can’t miss.

  • Our bike tour to explore the main attractions of the city. From a new perspective
  • Take your lunch break in the Ticinese neighborhood, full of gardens and courtyards
  • See Milan up high from the Dome’s terrace and the Gallery’s Highline
  • Enjoy the original aperitif at Camparino
  • Have a special dinner or night at the Arco della Pace
  • Find glamour at the Quadrilatero della Moda
  • Liven your evening at the Navigli
  • Have you ever heard of the Silence quadrilatero?
  • Discover the Liberty heritage
  • 10 Corso Como is an address you can’t miss
  • A cocktail and snack at Moscova

More info on our bike tour in Milan.

Highlight of Milan Bike Tour

What to do in Milan in 3 days – Day 1

The first day in a new place is the day of exploring. This is when you see the main sights, while looking for alternative activities. And we know the best way to combine both.

  • Join our bike tour, aka The Highlights of Milan. We will ride through the main sites while enjoying the city on a different, fun angle.
  • Hungry after all the biking? The Ticinese neighborhood is filled with delicious restaurants with gardens and tiny oasis. For a taste of Japanese cuisine, try Tenoha, while Trattoria Madonnina offers traditional gastronomy.
  • Talking about different perspectives, you can head up to the Dome’s terrace. There, you are surrounded by history. For more unforgettable views, you can also head up to the Highline of the Galleria.
  • Play the game of the broken telephone in Mercanti Square, which has a very particular acoustics. In your 3 days in Milan, you won’t miss peculiar things. Like the Stretta of Via Bagnera, the city’s tinies street with a tragic past.
  • The Camparino is more than a bar. It’s a historic place, founded in 1915. Here, you can try the innovative concept of Cocktail & Food Pairing, like the delicious risotto with Campari. Bottoms up, indeed!
  • There is no better way to end your first day in Milan with a chic dinner in a stunning location. Like the Arco della Pace, the Arch of Peace with the six bronze sculptures of horses turning away from France. In the book of Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast, there is a reference about the belief that the statues of Arco della Pace are aligned with those of the Arco di Trionfo of Carrousel and the Arco di Trionfo of the Etoile of Paris. Legend has it that the Sestiga (the horses statues) was originally facing France but then the Ausburg turned it facing Milan to mock the French. This legend doesn’t consider that the Sestiga is not from the same age of the Arco della Pace, because it was put there in 1837 during the Ausburg kingdom. Still, its current position, turned to the city, symbolizes Peace entering Milan.

Enjoy your sleep, because in the morning, the city awaits.

Cenacolo Vinciano

What to see in milan in 3 days – Day 2

It’s time to wake up and get a filling and delicious breakfast to start the day.

  • Breakfast at the bakery Pasticceria Marchesi in Corso Magenta. Pair your favorite coffee with your favorite croissant. Make it two, since there’s lots to do today.
  • If you love art, you can’t miss Milan’s very own Sistine Chapel in San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore. The colors and details will leave your speechless.
  • You’ve heard of Leonardo Da Vinci. Now, watch his genius in person at the museum Cenacolo Vinciano. Here, you can admire the painting “The Last Supper.” From there, you can visit Leonardo’s ancient vineyard in the Casa degli Atellani. It dates back to 1498.
  • For lunch, head to the artsy neighborhood of Brera for traditional food. Reviewers especially love the Ristorante Nabucco.
  • After your Italian lunch, you can take a relaxing stroll through the Quadrilatero della Moda, the rectangle of fashion. Take a walk through Via Montenapoleone, the street with the fifth highest rents, worldwide.
  • Before dinner, get an aperitif or a drink at the Navigli. If you are looking for a cocktail, try the RITA. This neighborhood has an authentic vibe. It reflects the city’s past on water, through glamorous canals.

You can spend all night at the Navigli but don’t stay up too late. There is still one more day of exploring.

Quadrilatero della Moda

3 days in Milan, an itinerary – Day 3

It’s the last day. A bit nostalgic, but still: there is much to do. Time to get moving!

  • Get breakfast at Villa Necchi Campiglio, where you can also stroll around the garden and park. It’s a good warm up before your day.
  • During your 3 days in Milan, you can’t miss the Quadrilatero del Silenzio, the rectangle of silence. This is a quirky and curious part of town, where you can admire pink flamingos and heritage from the Austro Hungarian past. You will discover hidden gardens and weird sculptures, like the ones from Adolfo Wildt.
  • Move up through the architecture and arts eras by exploring the Liberty at Porta Venezia. You can’t miss the Art Decò and beauty. Since you are here, head to Panino Giusto, to try a 100% Italian sandwich.
  • What’s a last day without some shopping? Head to the BAM shopping area in the modern Gae Aulenti square. You will be surrounded by innovative architecture and trendy boutiques.
  • For your 3 day-itinerary in Milan, note this address: 10 Corso Como. You will find an innovative space with a courtyard, boutiques, a bar, a bookstore -and much more.
  • If you want to work up your appetite, take a stroll through Corso Garibaldi.
  • Then, for an aperitif head to Moscova district, in particular to Radetzky and Princi.
  • Close your last day in Milan with a typical dinner in the Isola neighborhood, full of traditional spots.

With this three-day itinerary in Milan, you will see every face of this city. It’s artsy, foodie, and trendy. It’s surprising, for sure.

More info on our bike tour in Milan.

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